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Street Food Culture of Ukraine


This is the third branding project for which we have created. The main idea of the “Ministry of” restaurant chain is the development of street food culture in the country. Professional chefs headed by chef Vladyslav Tsimbalyuk are responsible for the kitchen in the establishments.

The design of the “Ministry of Chebureks” is distinguished by its color scheme. Here, the ministerial smiley is pink and looks like a cheburek. More elements of natural wood, metal, large panoramic windows with a view of the Pool.

In the “Ministry of Chebureks” both traditional tastes and unusual combinations are collected. Currently, the menu includes 7 different types of chebureks. The team worked to ensure that everyone could find their taste.


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When collaborating with a agency, I prioritize their level of involvement and responsibility. These aspects are crucial for achieving positive results and ensuring the ongoing success of the project. While some might consider my expectations high, I find that younger teams, like INTSIGN, are adept at meeting these demands. They bring enthusiasm, speed, and a keen awareness of future trends to the table. Oleg, as the core of the team, plays a key role in creating scalability and offering valuable recommendations. The team's ability to quickly adapt and acquire new knowledge, coupled with their dynamic approach, sets them apart. During our initial meeting, it became evident that they possess the qualities needed for success.
Spartak Velishaev

Oleh Dzohan — Creative Director
Ilya Kosyuk — Brand Designer

Daria Myroshnychenko — Marketing
Olena Mokrinskaya — Marketing

Evgen Taller — Co-Founder
Spartak Velishaev — Co-Founder

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