Brand Strategy

The brand strategy is a holistic vision of the brand’s further development, starting from the bare idea, concept, target audience definition, unique selling proposition and ending with the uniqueness of the product you bring to the market.

When the strategy is ready, it explains what your project will be like, for whom, and most importantly, exactly how it will communicate with your audience.

The most challenging but crucial part of brand strategy is its practical implementation.

Step 1: Golden Circle — Vision, Mission and Goal

Step 2: Brand Personality Pyramid — Defining the Brand Personality

Step 3: Minimal Viable Audience (MVA) — Target Audience and Research

Step 4: GAP Analysis

Step 5: Positioning

Step 6: The Roadmap


The concept describes a strong idea behind your brand. It helps to determine what customers’ needs the product solves and what its uniqueness and novelty are.

Brand Platform

Developing a brand platform makes a brand out of a product. The platform offers a halo of emotions, attracts attention, and “ties a knot” with the consumers. On the contrary, the bare product is often perceived as boring and mundane.

Tone of Voice

Not only is it important what the company offers and sells, but also how it communicates with customers. The voice of the brand significantly affects the recognition of the company.

Target Audience

The target audience analysis provides a precise description of your future customers. Identifying their needs, interests, and problems allows you to build solid and effective communication.

Unique Selling Propositione

Unique Selling Propositione is a solution, service, or other unique offer that individualizes your brand and contrasts it from competitors, which makes your product irreplaceable.

Communication Strategy

It is a plan for finding the most efficient communication channels for your target audience, creating effective messages, developing the name, logo, and brand’s corporate identity.

Value Proposition

Value proposition informs about the rational and emotional benefits of the brand, representing the maximum value for its target audience.

Implementation Tactics

Eventually, when the brand’s promotion strategy is formed, we develop a set of tools and proper techniques to turn the plan into action.

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