Ministry of Shawarma

Ministry of Shawarma is a new restaurant in the center of Kyiv.  This is the first street bistro from Evgeny Taller and Spartak Velishayev.

The main idea of ​​the “Ministry” is the development of street food culture in Ukraine.  The menu was created by brand-chef Oleksiy Krakovsky, who previously launched Adelle, Liberty Diner and Coco in Kyiv.

The design was developed by the architect Alyona Bondar and her bureau “I am Design”.

We expanded the brand concept, created branding, logo, sign, packaging, navigation and signage.  We created branded clothing for the team, developed many subtle details for the project. We helped activate the brand.



Oleh Dzohan — Creative Director
Ilya Kosyuk — Designer
Daria Myroshnychenko — Marketing
Olena Mokrinskaya — Marketing
Evgen Taller — Co-Founder
Spartak Velishaev — Co-Founder

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