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In collaboration with Pulse Logistics, our branding agency successfully created a brand that captures the essence and future-oriented vision of the company. We developed a brand identity that embodies the core values and objectives of Pulse Logistics, positioning them as a leading logistics company catering to major FMSG brands in Ukraine.

Complementing the name, we created a simle slogan, “Logistics for Business,” succinctly conveying Pulse Logistics’ commitment to supporting the growth and success of their clients’ businesses.

To visually represent the brand, we designed a identity that combines elements symbolizing movement, future, and reliability. Green color palette evokes relax and professionalism, while the sleek typography communicates a sense of modernity and trustworthiness. Together, these elements form a strong and memorable brand identity for Pulse Logistics.

By capturing the essence of Pulse Logistics in its visual and verbal identity, we created a brand that resonates with clients seeking a reliable and efficient logistics partner.


brand activation

Oleh Dzohan — Creative Director
Ilya Kosyuk — Brand Designer, Motion Designer
Olha Rylska — Designer
Anastasiia Berestovska — Account Manager

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