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We conducted a market research and found that most often customers recognize a company by its color. The combination of yellow and red is associated with DHL, orange and purple – with FedEx. Our task was to create the same strong combination. But one color is not enough. Behind beautiful packaging there should be an idea that reflects the image of the brand, its values ​​and competitive advantages. We needed to create it.

In search of an idea, we turned to the history of motorsport. And they found it in the history of the confrontation between two automotive legends Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford. The latter created the famous FordGT40, a car that won the Le Mans race 4 times in a row, thus crushing the eternal champion Ferrari.

The story inspired us so much that the dynamic racing style became the main metaphor for the UB1 corporate identity. It is implicit – the delivery of goods is still not a track. But UB1 has a lot in common with racing brands. Time is important for the company as one of the key business KPIs.

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Oleh Dzohan — Creative Director
Mike Stashkiv — Account Director
Roman Kutsachenko — Brand Designer

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