Recommended reading

We really like to read professional literature about design, every day we expand our knowledge with the help of special literature and thematic Internet resources. This list contains our favorite books that influence us and our vision in one way or another.

Books about design and typography

– Michael Yevami – Logo. Creation of logos

– Johannes Itten – The art of form. My pre-course at the Bauhaus and other schools

– James Felici – Typography. Font, layout, design

– Johannes Itten – The art of color

– Jan Tschichold.

– Jan Cichold – New printing house. A guide for the modern designer

– Susan Weinshank – 100 Key Principles of Design

– Elam Kimberly – Geometry of Design. Proportions and composition

– Alice Tuemlow – Graphic Design: Corporate Style

– Mike Monteiro – Design is work

– Donald Norman – Designing Private Speeches

– Donald Norman – Designing the things of the future

– Kathryn Fishel and Bill Gardner – Logolounge

– Sophie Lovell – Dieter Rams – As little design as possible

Books about advertising

– David Ogilvy – Ogilvy on advertising

— David Ogilvy – The Discovery of an Advertising Agent

– Claude Hopkins – My Life in Advertising

— John Steele — Truth, lies and advertising

– Naomi Klein – No logo

– Joseph Jaffe – Up & Down. Advertising. Life after death

– Joseph Sugarman – The Art of Creating Advertising Messages

— Joe Vitale – Hypnotic copywriting

– Ken Bartenshaw, Nick Mahon, Caroline Barfoot – Fundamentals of creative advertising

– John Hegarty – Hegarty on advertising. Turning intelligence into magic

Books about business

– Walter Isaacson – Steve Jobs

– Jim Kemp – No. The best negotiation strategy

– Gavin Kennedy – Everything can be negotiated! How to Get the Most Out of Any Negotiation (Hardcover)

– Gary Vaynerchuk – Passion is a business

– Martin Lindstrom – Biology. A fascinating journey into the brain of the modern consumer

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