A team of talented specialists in the field of branding, graphic design and web development. Creative, diligent, obligatory – which is rare in a creative environment. Able to listen and hear the client, to delve into the specifics of the business and offer the best solutions. Definitely recommend for cooperation!

Inna Kuts — Westernacher Consulting GmbH

An unreal team of professionals in their field. They know how to feel you and your brand, visualize all your thoughts and create a high-quality product. Glad to have worked with you.

Olga Fedorushchenko — Kohai

One of the best experiences of cooperation. The case when they were looking for a contractor and found a partner. The ability to hear the customer and the desire to understand the essence of the product – results in a very high quality end product. A team of professionals and good people.

Ira Kabalska — Biohacking Festival

We worked with the guys 2 years ago, developed the logo and the main constants. The task for me was not easy – there was no understanding of what I needed. This is where the experience of the guys came in handy. They quickly cut off everything superfluous, set the general vector of movement! The main revelation for me was the desire of the guys to get acquainted with the product, feel it, and only then work with the naming and logo.

Egor Witt — Ewitt Leather 

For me, when working with a contractor, his involvement and responsibility are paramount. For the result, for the further life of the project, in which he also takes part. “Soviet” companies will say that I demand a lot. But young teams that understand this are actively replacing hardened sharks. Intsign is one of those young enthusiastic teams. Fast, burning, aware of trends for several years to come. And what they don’t know, they find in two clicks. Oleg is their core. Creates scale. Recommends working. Hunt the strongest. At the first meeting, you will understand everything yourself) The guys created a dynamic concept for us that can be divided into subbrands. About her, I think the guys themselves will tell.

Spartak Velishaev — Більше ніж, Їжа

I am pleased that we turned to this team of professionals. Naming, logo, packaging are all cool. Modern trends + an incredible amount of details that are elusive at first glance create a kind of impetus to defend the ideas that the guys brought to our company.

Иван Мищук — Headshot Coffee Co., Ariva Coffee

Thank you for the logo that I have been using for 3 years now. Clients and colleagues give compliments. I can convey to clients who need the services of a designer that simplicity and a designer with a good background is the key to recognizing your corporate identity! If you think that quality design is expensive, try low quality.

Alexander Len — Alxndr Len  

The guys do their job professionally, which means quality. We have already developed 2 brands for us. Concise and cool. Our consumers really like it, and so do we :). We have been working with them for the fourth year, and this speaks volumes !!! I recommend this studio and will recommend! Thank you!

Юра Вербило — Тм вiд Юрка Вербила, Сидр «Rohatyy Zayets»

The recipe for the success of the Intsign team is that they not only do their job very well and apply the latest marketing and design trends, but they invest creativity and ideology in their projects. I believe that the most important thing in building a brand is not visualization and image, but history and justification, which can create long-term loyalty to the brand. I don’t just recommend the Intsign team, I believe that these guys can set a new bar in building and developing world-class brands in Ukraine.

Уляна Костишин — BERTA group

He worked with the guys on two projects, and another in full swing. On one wave. Each time they approach very thoroughly, collecting from the meaning of life and the deepest questions to the future as we see in 5, 10, 20 years. Live it on yourself. They always set a goal for decades, lay the foundation for their work. Not flexible in values and visions, which is cool. I recommend if you have a serious business.

Dmytro Gazda — Poparada, Esper Bionics

If you want it to be cool, then, of course, in collaboration with Intsign. What it means to get a result – better than you expect, is when a team of professionals can see more than you. The work on creating the PARTY FOOD beech brand brought not only pleasure, but also a deep immersion in every detail, which allowed the company to move to a new level of marketing. The developed brand book became the denominator that allowed all components of the company to move in one direction. By working with interior and exterior designers, the brand book created reduced time and helped the design team understand what values ​​are important in creating a project. Foresight and a sense of market allows the Intsign team to create a product that will be relevant for a long time. Our cooperation has become a synergy for us.

Irina Chen — Party Food

Oleg and his studio created two logos for my companies Sadvent and squareshot.co. Working with Intsign, I was sure that I would get a simple, clear, scalable sign for 10, 20 and even 30 years ahead. The main points I would like to highlight are their complete immersion in the product, mission and vision of the company, so be sure that working with Intsign your ambitious idea can grow into a very ambitious one. Coming after the logo, I got something more than just a logo. I consider the Intsign studio to be a model of a professional approach focused on the result. Intsign is my end point in choosing a design studio, unequivocally. I wish everyone the same cool experience.

Alex Davidovich — Sadvent, Squareshot

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