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Time to Brush the Feathers

2015 — 2023

PIED-DE-POULE is when you get not just a haircut, but build a holistic image based on a detailed consultation that reveals you and makes you feel great. In which you will look as bright and confident as possible.

This is not just a beauty salon, this is a society of beautiful and self-confident people.

We came up with a legend, naming, developed a brand and laid down all the main constants. The slogan “time to clean the feathers” has become a household word over the years and is actively used in all communications of the network.

For 8 years of existence of PIED-DE-POULE, 16 beauty salons have been opened throughout Ukraine. The franchise is being actively sold.

Anna and Egor have been studying every stage of the work of beauty salons for more than 14 years in a real sense and introducing all the latest management along with IT technologies.

They will accompany you at every stage of the launch, hire and train a team and set up all business processes. 


Oleh Dzohan — Creative Director
Roman Kutsachenko — Brand Designer
Anastasiia Berestovska — Project Manager
Kolchenko Egor — Co-Founder
Shidenko Anna — Co-Founder

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