Anelya Restaurant


Anelya was an idea that came to me at the onset of the war in Ukraine. I’m doing this on behalf of my grandmother, Anelya Ochatchinskiya, who was a very proud Ukrainian and an even more proud American. My grandmother was the most influential person in my life, she inspired me to be hard-working, humble, and self motivated. She would have wanted me to do something like this to help others in need. I am also very excited to partner with BlueCheck Ukraine for these events. I love their model of identifying and vetting legitimate Ukrainian NGOs and getting the funds directly to the organizations on the ground. I hope these events can also help raise more awareness and ultimately more funds for BlueCheck’s cause.” – Chef Johnny Clark 


Oleh Dzohan — Creative Director

Anastasiia Berestovska — Project manager

Olha Rylska — Designer, Illustrator

Johnny Clark — Founder

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